The Java – jar *. Jar prompt in CMD is unable to access jarfile *. Jar or windows can’t double-click to run jar file. What should I do

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1. Switch to the directory of the target file, and then run Java – jar

2. After confirming the installation of Java virtual machine, double-click the jar file to be run or right-click the jar file, and select “open mode” → “select default program” in the pop-up menu

3. In the “open mode” setting window, click the check box before the option “always use the selected program to open this file”, and then click the “Browse” button next to it

4. Select the installation folder of Java virtual machine. If Java 7 is installed, the installation folder is generally “C:: program files?Java?Jre7?Bin” (please find the specific folder yourself). Find the javaw.exe file and click the “open” button


At this time, it has been set to use the javaw.exe application to open the jar file, but in fact, there is no response when double clicking the jar file. This is because the open file parameter is not set

Enter “regedit” in the search box of the windows start menu, right-click the file regedit found above, and select “run as administrator” in the pop-up menu

6. In the registry editor, find “HKEY”_ CLASSES_ In the file open command, add the parameter “- jar” (without quotation marks), and the modified value is similar to: “C: program files, Java: jre7, Bin: javaw. Exe” – jar% 1 “(only need to add – jar parameter, no need to modify other information). Save and exit the registry editor

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