When you install the software, you encounter a bullet box, and the Windows Installer coordinator is stuck in this bullet box all the time


Sometimes when you install software, you got stuck at window which says “Windows InstallerCoordinator”
There is easy fix for this, which involves changing setting of Group Policy.

To disable this group policy you need to perform these steps:
1 ) Log on to the system with a User that has Administrative Privileges
2 ) Open the Windows Control Panel
3 ) Perform a search for Group Policy
4 ) The search results should display a link to the “Local Group Policy Editor”
5 ) Once inside the editor, go to:

Computer Configuration

Administrative Templates

Windows Components

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Session Host

Application Compatibility

6 ) In the right pane, right click on ‘Turn off Windows Installer RDS Compatibility” and select Edit from the drop down menu
7 ) Select the Radio Button labeled ‘Enable’
8 ) Click OK

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