Win10 installation ug10.0 ug8.5 tutorial — (and installation error solution) — NX 8.5 NX 10.0 installation tutorial

UG 8.5 32 bit installation package: link: Password: i5pa (invalid)

UG 10.0 64 bit installation package: link: Password: 9wjx (invalid)

please go to this website to download the required resources:


Updated on October 9, 2018:

A few days ago, I helped students install UG. I happened to find that the installation method of ug10.0 is similar to that of UG 8.5. The difference is that

The folder to be replaced here is different. The other steps are the same. The folder to be replaced is in the compressed package of UG 10.0. The installation package link is on it. Take it by yourself.


Updated on October 20, 2018

Many people ask about PROE, CAD, 3dmax resources, here is a good website, there are software downloads and installation tutorials, mechanical students should like it!

Website address:


The blogger is a student majoring in mechanics. Drawing is a basic skill. All 3D and 2D drawings need to be drawn. Therefore, 3D drawing software must be learned, especially after class. However, I don’t have it on my computer, so I have to install one myself. Before learning PROE, I spent a lot of time installing software. And install UG is more….. so I sort out the complete installation process, and I don’t want to waste unnecessary time on these simple things. Of course, let Taobao install more time-saving, but if you like to toss, then this article is written for you! If you have any questions, please leave a message.

Apart from other things, the installation package resources of UG are not easy to find, the online installation tutorial is also hasty, I had a lot of problems in the installation, I did not install it three times, all kinds of errors, later, I spent 7 yuan to Taobao to install it, by the way, I learned it secretly. He took one more step (created a new temp file and added an environment variable). My user directory is in Chinese, while UG 8.5 directory does not recognize Chinese, so it has been unable to run. Let’s first talk about the installation process, and then talk about the problems and solutions.

1、 Install UG main program first

first decompress the compressed package file and open the circled file, as shown in the figure below: after opening

click the circle to install the main program of UG; click the circle to install the main program of UG

just select the typical, and then click next; click next

I installed it on disk D;

and then the next step is to wait for it to be installed.

2. Install activation service 2

first of all, we need to install the Java support program, which is the following:

just go to the next step and complete the installation. Then we will install the activation service of UG

click the circled area to load the interface for installing the activation service. If it cannot be loaded, change the compatibility of the following program to win7 compatibility, and then run it as an administrator:

After opening, it looks like this:

now we have another thing to do, that is, to modify the registration file, which is the circled file in the following figure. This file is in the decompression package, and there is not much to say in the path diagram:

open it in Notepad, change the circled area in the diagram to your computer name (your computer name is in my computer – properties – advanced system settings – computer name), and then save it. And copy it to the main program folder of UG:

next, let’s install the activation service (the path in the file path reference Figure):

the path of the license is the path that you just copied to (refer to the path in the figure)

and then the next step is to wait for the installation to complete.

3. Activate service

first move the program without a circle in the figure below to the following position:

then copy the five folders in the unzipped package to D:// program files (x86)/Siemens/NX 8.5 to replace the original folder

then find the circled program in the folder below and open it;

after opening, click the circled place (start server) in the figure below, and success will be displayed in the lower left corner, indicating that the startup is successful. At this time, you can open UG 8.5 (go to the start menu to find the shortcut to hit 8.5, and drag it to the desktop to use it):

After opening, it looks like this:

Common installation errors and solutions:

1. If this error occurs:

ZeroGu2: Windows DLL failed to load
at ZeroGa2.b(DashoA10*..)
at ZeroGa2.b(DashoA10*..)
at com.zerog.ia . installer.LifeCycleManager .b(DashoA10*..)
at com.zerog.ia . installer.LifeCycleManager .a(DashoA10*..)
at com.zerog.ia . installer.Main.main (DashoA10*..)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl .invoke0(Native Method)
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl .invoke(Unknown Source)
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl .invoke(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.reflect . Method.invoke (Unknown Source)
at com.zerog.lax . LAX.launch (DashoA10*..)
at com.zerog.lax . LAX.main (DashoA10*..)

Please delete all the Java support programs in the computer and reload the Java support programs in the decompression package.

2. If the icon of UG 8.5 can’t be opened after installation, and there is no error before, then your user directory has Chinese

Solution: create a folder under C disk, named temp, and create a new environment variable (user variable) under environment variable

So UG can be opened.

End of tutorial. (please leave a message if the software link fails)

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