Xcode Package Archive Error: Command /usr/bin/codesign failed

The screenshot of the packing error prompt is as follows:

Analysis error prompt shows that the certificate and configuration file have questions, and the prompt is not arrived. According to this prompt, I went to the developer’s website and found that there was no problem with the certificate, which was the latest one. However, there is a problem in the configuration certificate section. The availability of the configuration certificate is not available. The screenshot is as follows:

That’s why I failed to pack

The solution is

1. Edit the certificate again, activate it, then download the certificate to the computer, and double-click install

Packaging again, if successful, that’s the problem. No, bloggers are still failing. It’s the same problem. At this time, I wonder if I have too many certificates on Xcode

2. Find Xcode – > According to the figure below:

3. Find my own certificate, right-click and select Show in finder

4. Delete all the certificates in the directory. Yes, all of them

5. Close Xcode, find the configuration certificate we just downloaded, double-click install again, open Xcode, and repackage. This time, the package is successful


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