IDEA double click can’t open no response Issue [How to Solve]

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I found many methods on the Internet and finally found one that can be solved. If the problem is the same as mine, I can use this method to solve it

1. Open the idea installation root directory bin, select idea.bat, right-click edit, or use txt to open it

2. Add pause in the last line of idea.bat   As shown in the figure

3. Save and close, double-click to run idea.bat

4. An error message will be displayed, as shown in the figure below

5. Find the configuration path error according to the error information

6. Find Disk C under C: \ users \ ThinkPad \    Sets the display of hidden items   So we can find the appdate folder

8. Delete this line (if deleted, it will return to the initial state and try for 30 days)

9. After saving, double-click idea.bat under the idea installation directory bin again   As shown in the figure below, it is successful!

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