Android studio debug runtime ADB not responding

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Recently, my friend asked me about an Android studio debugging problem. I remember that I had encountered it before, so

Let’s write about it

ADB not responding.If you’d like to retry, then please manually kill “adb.exe” and click “restart”。

As shown in the figure:

This is because we have opened other applications or process services, which occupy the port number. These “pranks” are probably wandoujia of Peapod_ helper.exe,

Tadb.exe of Tencent or SJK of Jinshan_ Daemon.exe process and so on

Open the command prompt CMD (start menu search for “CMD”), enter ADB nodeamon server, enter, and remember the port number “5037”

PID: 5224 occupied

Then, press the shortcut key “Ctrl + Alt + Del”, or right-click the taskbar to open the task manager

Order bar “view” — “select column”, setting display PID

Then you can see the PID and find the PID used by the previous query port

For example: 5224, right click to end the process

Re open Android studio to connect your mobile phone or emulator

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