EasyGBS device management error: Invalid prop: type check failed for prop “cleara

Easygbs streaming media platform is widely used in smart city, smart Park, smart transportation and other fields. It is accessed through GB/t28181 protocol, receives equipment streaming and outputs RTMP, RTSP, HLS and flv live streaming distribution. Its unified video monitoring networking standard and architecture plays a vital role in building a comprehensive security Internet platform and sharing platform.

During the daily operation and maintenance of easygbs, an error is reported on the device management page. The error information is invalid prop: type check failed for prop “clear”. Expected Boolean, got string

As can be seen from the error message, the invalid incoming value should be a Boolean value, but the result is a string. Search for clearable in the project and log out. No error message is reported here, which indicates that it is related to the El select component.

Modify the value of the clearable attribute and define it as a Boolean value. After that, there will be no error messages on the page.

Description of the clearable parameter:

No error is reported on the modified platform:

The EasyGBS video platform will keep updating, add new requirements or functional points, and also test the adaptability of some new technologies, and maintain the advanced function and technology of EasyGBS. Easygbs also has more interfaces for secondary development and call. We will gradually introduce it to you in future blog posts, so you can pay attention to us and get the latest development information.

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