Easyplayer player displays the cause and solution of compileerror: webassembly. Instance()

As we all know, easyplayer player series is a very stable and comprehensive video player, covering the playing versions of various systems such as PC, mobile phone and web page. Moreover, easyplayer player has been integrated into many streaming media platforms such as easygbs, easynvr and easycvr to experience the video playing effect of h265 coding.

Some customers will encounter some calling problems when using easyplayer player. For example, it can be played on easygbs, but it can not be played with easyplayer player after calling the over-current address, and an error is reported on the console:

This is a common error of easyplayer player. There are two main reasons. Let’s analyze and explain it one by one.

Reason 1:

This video stream is h265, so we need to play it with our version of h265 player. The reason for this error is that the libdecoder.wasm file is not found. It is likely that the player version used by the user is a demo above and below GitHub, not 265, but H5 player.

In this case, the libdecoder.wasm file should be added to the demo of h265.

Reason 2:

The customer does not start the player with the service, but directly starts it with the demo file, which will also lead to an error. Our player is service-based. We should put the demo file in the root directory of the service instead of another directory.


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