What is the reason why the easygbs client calls token and reports an error “refer to set unsafe header” cookie “

Tsingsee Qingxi video has modified the token authentication mechanism for the existing cloud edge architecture products. Due to the change of this mechanism in the new version, the way of our integration call has also changed. In the use of some easygbs users, the customer invokes the token, which will cause the problem of using the “cookie” to set unsafe header. Calling the token fails and cannot log in.

In the original mechanism, the token is written into the cookie, and the login can be realized by calling the browser cache every time. This method can be called normally before, but the new version of Google browser cannot carry cookies across domains, so an error will be reported when calling here.

If customers encounter this problem when using, they must first update the latest version of easygbs, which must be above 1.4.9.

First use the front-end to get the token, and then write the token as the transmission parameter method into Ajax for calling.

If some users don’t understand the definition of token, you can read our previous blog posts to learn about the complete solution of token mechanism in easy series video platform of streaming media server. Of course, easygbs or other streaming media platforms can also be downloaded and tried directly. You are welcome to test.

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