EasyRTC Error: “[ERR] mod_local_stream.c:880 Unknown source default” [How to Solve]

Since we began to study web video conference call, easyrtc video conference call system has built an all-round, multi-level and efficient network multimedia communication platform for various application scenarios and modes with its excellent audio and video quality, strong and complete data cooperation function, trusted system performance, efficient high-capacity design and open and expandable architecture. At the same time, the new version of easyrtc is also in intensive research and development and testing, and will be launched on the official website soon.

An error “[err] mod” is reported during the operation of easyrtc_ local_ Stream. C: 880 unknown source default “, which is generally an error message that may occur when dialing the freeswitch conference room.

Check the corresponding code and configuration file, and finally determine that this line of code is to find the corresponding audio file. The easyrtc kernel uses freeswitch. When a person enters the conference room, he will make a sound. The corresponding configuration files are as follows:

Easyrtc does not need this function, so if it does not affect the use, it can not be processed. If it needs to be processed, modify the corresponding configuration file and comment all the above. The specific method is to find freeswitch \ conf \ autoload_ Configure \ conference.conf.xml file, and then find the profile with the name of default:

Note out all internal audio paths.

Another way is to compile the following two lines of code in the freeswitch compilation Directory:

make cd-sounds-install

make cd-moh-install

Here we use the first method.

Easyrtc is different from other platforms of tsingsee Qingxi video. Easyrtc enterprise video conference system is a web call platform compiled based on webrtc, with lower delay and higher transmission efficiency. We welcome you to test easyrtc and update our R & D process on our blog from time to time. You are welcome to pay attention.

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