Error reported under webuploader IE9 [How to Fix]

Webuploader is a simple modern file upload component based on HTML5 and supplemented by flash developed by Baidu webfe (Fex) team. In the project, we recommend and have been using webuploader for file upload business development

Of course, due to the improper use of some people, it will also lead to some small problems. Write it down

1. Webuploader IE9 reports an error. You forget which line of error is reported. The error is that an upload method inside flash does not exist

A. when an error is encountered and the corresponding line is debugged, the first feeling is that there is no solution to the problem. I think there is a bug under IE9, but there is no relevant statement on the Internet, and the uploads in other places under IE9 in the project are correct

B. then judge whether the control is bound to the element twice in the business, and there are no related problems when printed

C. after thinking about it again, you can only delete the control code and binding events. Finally, when you select a file and start uploading event callback, you hide the upload button due to business needs, resulting in the recycling of flash objects on the page

Later, due to time constraints, I tried the same problem with visibility, so I didn’t try other ways, contacted the product and handled the business


2. Webuploader is under the IE browser, and there is no response after clicking

A. low version IE browsers are uploaded through flash. After looking at the next element, the relevant flash elements do not exist

B. in the forced tracking code… It was finally found that the developer’s computer was a virtual machine, so flash was not installed… Speechless, and the webuploader console did not see an obvious reminder


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