Failed to connect to port 443: Timed out(Windows)

Before the article, I declare that the operating system I use this time is win 10.

On a sunny day, I wanted to submit some files to GitHub. As a result, both push and pull appeared failed to connect to Port 443: timed out error, the beginning of a day's story becomes the beginning of an accident.

In the face of overtime, I first tried to visit GitHub website, and then used Ping command to test "Whether it can connect or not, the result is the same as the error, which is the connection timeout. By searching for information on the network, it basically means that the agent is used when surfing the Internet, so the problem occurs.

After understanding the problem, I decided to confirm. After entering the proxy setting interface of "network and Internet" settings, I saw that "use setting script" is open and there is a script address. When I access the script address in the browser, I will automatically download the file named "PAC". The file content is the domain name configuration of the proxy and the logic of using the proxy, You can find the The problem should be caused by agency.

To solve this problem, find the value of "proxy" in the "PAC" file and set it to GIT http.proxy Setting parameters can be done through the following two git commands.

git config --global http.proxy set up proxies for all git projects globally

git config --local http.proxy set up a separate proxy for a git project

http.proxy The values are marked in the figure below

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