Idea Maven dependencies is marked with red and an error is reported

For example, in this place, the packet is marked red. This is a packet import error. Many times, the import operation is interrupted because the network is not smooth



So, open file – > Settings, search Maven and open the location indicated by the local repository of the host



Because the package I imported is Druid: 1.1.18, I want to delete the Druid folder in the folder of Alibaba, so as to delete all the packages that have not been imported before

Then go to the pom.xml file of idea and kill the Druid dependency

Then execute Maven’s clean



Find a good place on the network and re-enter the Druid dependency of pom.xml just deleted



This solves the problem. If not, the network may be too poor, but the dependence is imported from foreign websites, which must require a better network condition

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