Mac installation mat error [How to Solve]

The installation mat reports an error, prompting to check the error log in the path /.eclipse/1528649425_macosx_cocoa_x86_64/configuration/1539332382530.log

The reason is /private/var/folders/k4/knjt7v5x59l25z_tqmvg094r0000gn/T/AppTranslocation/3CBB3175-DD9A-4A3A-B93F-898BA4445384/d/ Contents/MacOS/workspace/.metadata is a read-only file and requires the following parameter in the MemoryAnalyzer.ini file

1. Right click on the installation package to show the package contents
2. Go to the eclipse folder and find MemoryAnalyzer.ini
/Users/your username/mat-log



The data parameter and path must be on two different lines
The data parameter must be placed before the launcher


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