Mac pychar import Jieba error resolution


The newly purchased MAC is not very familiar. When using Jieba as the participle, pycharm import said it was not installed, so I directly clicked install. The result failed. It said that the current channel could not be recognized. OK, I will start to solve it step by step


I read most of the specific error reports online. I’ll show you the screenshot from the Internet




Mine is similar, but there is also an address in my pop-up box:   Official website. Of course, I didn’t care about this in the first step. This is where I go around more. I searched the Internet and said PIP could be installed, so I tried. The result is unsatisfactory



Perfect failed. There are also various search solutions in the middle. Some say they can download Jieba directly and then install it. As a result, Jieba’s official website can’t be opened. You may need to climb over the wall. I don’t know. Finally, I had to open it honestly   Then search Jieba    find   Here, you’re going to succeed, right now. The installation commands are listed below



Select the command you want to install, and you will be prompted that the installation is successful


# all requested packages already installed. Multiple installations will prompt that they have been installed. OK, it’s almost done. Then the next step is to configure pycharm



You can get a long snack. The default MAC is 2.7 python, so you need to select your version under anaconda, and then system interpreter, as shown in Figure 3.7. This is the real end

Run a participle, succesfully




If you want to make progress, I want to practice more. Don’t stay on paper. Only by doing it can you find problems. The process of solving problems is your own growth. I like this business very much. Life and work have been integrated and stick to it every day

                                              Don’t be afraid you’re not alone


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