redis Connect Error: InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: MISCONF Redis is configured to save RDB snapshots

Application startup connection exception.

org.springframework.dao.InvalidDataAccessApiUsageException: MISCONF Redis is configured to save RDB snapshots, but it is currently not able to persist on disk. Commands that may modify the data set are disabled, because this instance is configured to report errors during writes if RDB snapshotting fails (stop-writes-on-bgsave-error option). Please check the Redis logs for details about the RDB error.. channel: [id: 0x2f971a28, L:/ - R:] command: (BRPOP), params: [[114, 101, 116, 114, 121, 95, 109, 115, 103], 216000]; 

The problem is that persistence is abnormal. I searched a lot on the Internet.

By modifying redis The stop writes on bgsave error option in the conf configuration can be solved

stop-writes-on-bgsave-error no

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