Send QQ e-mail message prompt: error in certificate certificate is not trusted

Error in certificate: peer’s certificate issuer has been marked as not trusted by the

Translate as     Certificate error: peer’s certificate publisher is marked as untrusted.

This is because encrypted communication is used, but the client cannot confirm whether the certificate is true.

However, the email can be sent normally, and the QQ email has also received the test email

The solutions of multi-party query are as follows:

1. Modify the configuration/etc/mail.rc  

hold    set ssl-verify=ignore   Change to set   ssl-verify=strict    ## Ignore the certificate warning and follow the certificate requirements strictly instead

2. Obtain mail server certificate

echo    – n ” ” |   openssl s_ client -connect | sed -ne   ‘/- BEGIN CERTIFICATE-/,/-END CERTIFIICATE-/p’   & gt;  /etc/pki/nssdb/qq.crt

  3. Add the certificate to the trusted table

certutil     – A     – n    ‘ qq’     – t     ” P,P,P”     – d    /etc/pki/nssdb     – i    /etc/pki/nssdb/qq.crt

Specific parameter explanation:

##-A: indicates adding

##-n :nickname   Nicknames, such as QQ, 163

##–t: Represents a trusted tag. The values/T/C/P are acceptable

##-d: The certificate is in the directory

##-i: Specific location of certificate file

Finally, the test sent the e-mail without prompting error. It was sent successfully normally.

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