Solve the problem of “ZABBIX discoverer processes 75% busy” in CentOS

Solve the problem of “ZABBIX discoverer processes 75% busy” in CentOS

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In the process of using ZABBIX, when the auto discovery protocol is turned on, the alarm message “ZABBIX discoverer processes more than 75% busy” frequently appears, as follows:

Trigger: Zabbix discoverer processes more than 75% busy
Trigger status: PROBLEM
Trigger severity: Average
Trigger IP:
Item values:
1. Zabbix busy discoverer processes, in % ([process,discoverer,avg,busy]): 100 %
Original event ID: 4690

After searching on the Internet, there are many main reasons for the alarm: 1. MySQL supporting ZABBIX is stuck; 2. Io of ZABBIX server is stuck; 3. ZABBIX process is not allocated enough memory; 4. The target server is not connected to the network. Therefore, consider increasing the number of initialization processes when ZABBIX server starts, and directly increasing the polling load to avoid this kind of error. Modify/etc/ZABBIX/ZABBIX_ server.conf , find startpollers

### Option: StartPollers

# Number of pre-forked instances of pollers.


# Mandatory: no

# Range: 0-1000

# Default:


According to the system hardware configuration, it can be set to a higher value. Another solution is to restart ZABBIX server regularly. It can be configured by timing script as follows:

crontab -e

@daily service zabbix-server restart &> /dev/null 2&>&1

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