[Solved] EasyCVR Error: LibEasySnap.dll:The specified module could not be found

Easycvr is a video protocol fusion platform developed by tsingsee Qingxi video. In addition to accessing RTSP and gb28181, easycvr also completes docking with equipment and video stream transmission through private protocols such as hiksdk and EHOME.

Sometimes we encounter that easycvr cannot be started and the error libeasysnap DLL: the specified module could not be found. Generally, if the service fails to start, it will be in the log, so we check the log to see if there is any error message:

You can see that the reason for the error is that the file is missing. Therefore, we need to check whether libeasysnap is missing in the easycvr directory dll:

Libeasysnap. Is found in the directory DLL, but still prompt that the DLL file is missing.

After investigation, it is found that only the individual system environment (windowsserver2012 RC) is missing from this DLL. Therefore, we need to copy all DLL files beginning with AV in the directory of other versions to the directory of the current version, and it will be normal to start again.

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