Spider Error: Scratch processing timeout [How to Solve]

Previously, the timeout exception was handled in download middleware, but it was always very laborious

Today, I checked the document and found that it can be processed in the errback callback

from scrapy.spidermiddlewares.httperror import HttpError
from twisted.internet.error import DNSLookupError
from twisted.internet.error import TimeoutError, TCPTimedOutError

yield scrapy.Request(url=full_url, errback=self.error_httpbin, dont_filter=True, callback=self.parse_list, meta={"hd": header})

def error_httpbin(self, failure):
        # failure.request is the Request object, if you need to retry, directly yield can
        # if failure.check(HttpError):
        # these exceptions come from HttpError spider middleware
        # you can get the non-200 response
        # response = failure.value.response
        # self.logger.error('HttpError on %s', response.url)

        if failure.check(DNSLookupError):
            # this is the original request
            request = failure.request
            yield request
            # self.logger.error('DNSLookupError on %s', request.url)
        elif failure.check(TimeoutError, TCPTimedOutError):
            request = failure.request
            yield request
            # self.logger.error('TimeoutError on %s', request.url)

It is hereby recorded that the timeout exception has not been handled in this way before

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