Zabbix agent on Zabbix server is unreachable for 5 minutes

Zabbix agent on Zabbix server is unreachable for 5 minutes

When the host is running, this error will be reported, so first press install ZABBIX agent

In the process of monitoring, ZABBIX server found that the web reported an error, indicating that the connection between ZABBIX server and agent has been lost for more than 5 minutes. In order to find the root cause of the problem, when troubleshooting, you should first check the log corresponding to the service. First of all, you should check the log of the server to see if there are any error messages. Through the log check, you can find that the server is running normally. Then the problem is likely to appear on the client. Go to this agent to check the service log.

1. View log

[root@iZbp11rfoyeescusr9ha9qZ tmp]# find/-name *agentd.log


[root@iZbp11rfoyeescusr9ha9qZ tmp]# vim /var/log/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.log

23904:20170310:092458.633 Starting Zabbix Agent [Zabbix server]. Zabbix 2.2.16 (revision 64243).

23904:20170310:092458.634 using configuration file: /etc/zabbix_agentd.conf

23915:20170310:092458.636 agent #1 started [listener #1]

23918:20170310:092458.636 agent #3 started [listener #3]

23917:20170310:092458.636 agent #2 started [listener #2]

23914:20170310:092458.636 agent #0 started [collector]

23919:20170310:092458.637 agent #4 started [active checks #1]

23919:20170310:092458.637 active check configuration update from [] started to fail (cannot connect to [[]:10051]: [111] Connection refused)

23919:20170310:102358.983 active check configuration update from [] is working again

23919:20170310:102358.983 no active checks on server []: host [Zabbix server] not monitored

23919:20170310:102559.020 no active checks on server []: host [Zabbix server] not monitored

23919:20170310:102759.073 no active checks on server []: host [Zabbix server] not monitored

23919:20170310:102959.109 no active checks on server []: host [Zabbix server] not monitored

23904:20170310:103011.545 Got signal [signal:15(SIGTERM),sender_pid:26144,sender_uid:0,reason:0]. Exiting ...

23904:20170310:103011.547 Zabbix Agent stopped. Zabbix 2.2.16 (revision 64243).

26157:20170310:103011.659 Starting Zabbix Agent [Zabbix server]. Zabbix 2.2.16 (revision 64243).

26157:20170310:103011.659 using configuration file: /etc/zabbix_agentd.conf

26168:20170310:103011.663 agent #1 started [listener #1]

26172:20170310:103011.663 agent #4 started [active checks #1]

26171:20170310:103011.663 agent #3 started [listener #3]

26170:20170310:103011.663 agent #2 started [listener #2]

26166:20170310:103011.664 agent #0 started [collector]

26172:20170310:103011.667 no active checks on server []: host [Zabbix server] not monitored

By checking the logs, we found 23919:20170310:092458.637 This log entry tells us that the active check for configuration updates from [] failed and the connection between agent and server failed.

2. Modify the agent’s configuration file to change the address of ServerActive to the IP address of zabbix-server

[ root@iZbp11rfoyeescusr9ha9qZ tmp]# vim /etc/zabbix/zabbix_ agentd.conf

122 ServerActive=

3. Restart ZABBIX agent service to make the configuration effective

[ root@iZbp11rfoyeescusr9ha9qZ tmp]# /etc/init.d/zabbix-agentd restart

Shutting down Zabbix agent: [ OK ]

Starting Zabbix agent: [ OK ]

4. The browser refreshes the page and finds that the server has re monitored the data of the agent’s running status

Tips:When troubleshooting, you can focus on the failure keywords such as “fail” or “error”, so that you can quickly debug and find the cause of the problem, without having to read all the logs, which greatly improves the efficiency.

As an operation and maintenance engineer, the information stored in his head may be too much and miscellaneous. Sometimes he forgets the absolute path of a service or configuration file. If he remembers the complete name of the file or directory, he can use the “locate + file name” command to locate the absolute path of the file. If he can’t remember the file name clearly, it doesn’t matter. He can also use the powerful search engine of Linux platform For example, you can find the path of the file you want through the asterisk/- find* agentd.conf (start with the/directory and globally search for. Conf files that end with agentd). These are the basic skills that an operation and maintenance engineer should have, without having to memorize the absolute path of all files by rote.

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