The most annoying error reported by Hadoop: running VirtualBox prompts 0x00000000 error “the 0x00000000 memory referenced by the 0x00000000 instruction cannot be written?

Solve the problem that the VirtualBox virtual machine memory 0x00000000 cannot be written?

Run VirtualBox to prompt 0x00000000 error “0x00000000 instruction refers to 0x00000000 memory, which cannot be written?


1. If it is a win7 system, most of the modified DLL files obtained from the search

2. Focus on win10 system:

Generally, the exception occurs because the Hyper-V in windows is not closed and VirtualBox conflicts with hyper-v.

Open the CMD command prompt in windows (it needs to be executed as an administrator), and enter the following command to close hyper-v

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off

Then restart the computer.


If you want to reopen Hyper-V later, you can use the following command

bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto


If it still doesn’t work, you can install its VirtualBox Extension Pack before installing VirtualBox:   VirtualBox x.x.x Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack

(x.x.x here corresponds to the version of VirtualBox you downloaded)


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