Unable to start virtual machine in VirtualBox (genymotion) may be related to oleaut32.dll

Today, I want to use Android simulator genymotion. After downloading and installing, genmotion prompts that I can’t start the virtual engine VirtualBox. I checked it on the Internet and solved it quickly

My machine is win7 64 bit. Set the concurrency of the virtualbox.exe attribute in the VirtualBox installation directory to “run this program in compatibility mode”, and select the compatibility mode other than win7. At the same time, the genymotion.exe in the genymotion installation directory should also be set to run in compatibility mode

This step is easy to find on the Internet

Next, genymotion added the virtual device smoothly. When I started the virtual device, I was prompted to start the virtual device directly with VirtualBox to see the cause of the error. Open the VirtualBox and find that a virtual device has been added, which is the virtual machine automatically added by genymotion to the VirtualBox. Error starting this virtual device:

Failed to create the VirtualBoxClient COM object. The application will now terminate. Callee RC: REGDB_ E_ CLASSNOTREG (0x80040154) 

VirtualBox encountered an error: failed to create COM object. Application will be interrupted. Callee RC: RegDB_ E_ CLASSNOTREG (0x80040154)

Two methods are found on the Internet

Scheme 1:

1) Open CMD command

2) Enter the VirtualBox installation directory:
“CD X: [program files] VirtualBox”
3) run the command: “vboxsvc/regserver”

4) Run command: Regsvr32 vboxc.dll

Scheme 2:

Right click the VirtualBox property, check the compatibility mode in the compatibility options to run the program, and drop down to select Windows Server 2008 (Service Pack 1)
check to run the program as an administrator

I’ve tried both methods. I’ve reinstalled the VirtualBox and replaced it with a lower version. I’ve combined the two methods to run. Anyway, I will still report an error when running the virtual machine. This has been tossing around for an afternoon, but it still hasn’t been solved

In the evening, I checked the log file of VirtualBox, C:: – users – administrator. VirtualBox – vboxsvc. Log

I found a passage:

00:00:06.964398 ERROR [COM]: aRC=VBOX_ E_ OBJECT_ NOT_ FOUND (0x80bb0001) aIID={f30138d4-e5ea-4b3a-8858-a059de4c93fd} aComponent={SessionMachine} aText={No storage device attached to device slot 1 on port 1 of controller ‘IDEController’}, preserve=false aResultDetail=0
00:00:06.965398 ERROR [COM]: aRC=VBOX_ E_ OBJECT_ NOT_ Found (0x80bb0001) aiid = {f30138d4-e5ea-4b3a-8858-a059de4c93fd} acomponent = {sessionmachine} atext = {no storage device attached to device slot 1 on port 1 of controller ‘idecontroller’}, preserve = false aresultdetail = 0
this indicates that there is an error when loading the component with id = {f30138d4-e5ea-4b3a-8858-a059de4c93fd}, open the registry editor, Looking up = {f30138d4-e5ea-4b3a-8858-a059de4c93fd}, we find that there is a proxystubblsid32 under it, the corresponding ID is {00020424-0000-0000-c000-000000000046}, and then in HKEY_ CLASSES_ Root/CLSID check this item and find that the default value of {00020424-0000-0000-c000-000000000046} is oleaut32.dll, which is obviously related to the automation of objects

Oleaut32.dll was found in C:// Windows/system32 \ . Could this DLL not be loaded normally

At the same time, we searched the Internet with the keyword “Oleaut32. DLL VirtualBox” and found a related article about VirtualBox https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/12087

One of them said:

I found a solution that worked for me after comparing two ProcMon Traces of a working and a broken installation:
HKEY_ CLASSES_ ROOT\CLSID\{00020420-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\InprocServer32 and
HKEY_ CLASSES_ ROOT\CLSID\{00020424-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}\InprocServer32

The (Default) entry said “oleaut32.dll”. After changing that to “C:\Windows\system32\oleaut32.dll” in both locations it worked again!

This is exactly the same as my idea, probably because oleaut32.dll can’t load normally. Change the value of oleaut32.dll in these two items to absolute path. Then open the VirtualBox and start the virtual machine

Starting Android simulator with genymotion is normal

To sum up:

To solve the problem that virtaulbox virtual machine can’t create COM object, we need to do three aspects of work

1. Compatibility between VirtualBox and win7

2. Registration of vboxc.dll

3. The path of oleaut32.dll in the registry

When we search the virtaulbox virtual machine on the Internet, we can only find the first two points when we encounter the problem of unable to create COM objects. The third point can not be found directly. Someone left a message on the Internet saying that the first two methods have been used, but the problem has not been solved. It is very likely that the third point has not been achieved

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