Win7 & win10 install ad management tool

As we all know, the role of ad domain is very important for a company, but how to manage ad domain in win7/10 system.

For the construction of ad domain server, we don’t explain it here. Interested students can go to Google’s related materials. Now we mainly explain how to use remote ad management tools to remotely manage ad domain under win7 or win10 client. What we need to pay attention to is the installation under win10. For remote ad domain management tools, Microsoft provides corresponding services Patch (x64)

  Win7: Windows6.1-KB958830-x64- RefreshPkg.msu

  Win10: WindowsTH-KB2693643-x64.msu

1. Install remote ad management tool on windows7 2

Download the patch to the official website of Microsoft

After downloading, double-click to install. After installing KB, open the start “- &>” control panel “- &>” programs “- &>” programs and functions “- &>” open or close windows functions

2. Install remote ad management tool on windows10 2

First, download the patch package from Microsoft’s official website:

For win10 system, some students responded that the same as the installation method of win7, they installed the corresponding patch and started the ad management tool in the control panel, but they couldn’t find it in the start menu. Only the following is displayed

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