When laravel is uploaded to the server, whoops, looks like something went wrong appears

1. When laravel, which can run well locally, uploads to the server, this problem appears: “whoops, looks like something wet wrong.”

2. Step one/ app.php ‘debug ‘= &> env (‘app’) in file_ Debug ‘, false), change to’ debug ‘= &> env (‘app’)_ DEBUG’, true),

3. A lot of information is displayed now

We notice that no supported encryption found.The Cipher and/or key length are invalid_ Copy the key value and modify it/ app.php Inside

‘key’ =&> env(‘APP_ KEY’,’base64:R+8tyPpcbK6ELMheXa4D8hsxdVvXDilVUSFCFqaH8vY=’),

This app_ Key can also be accessed through PHP artisan key:generate Generation

Now report another mistake

The description here is database connection error, modify config/ database.php File database connection problem ‘MySQL’ = & gt[

‘driver’ =&> ‘mysql’,

‘host’ =&> env(‘DB_ HOST’, ‘localhost’),

‘port’ =&> env(‘DB_ PORT’, ‘3306’),

‘database’ =&> env(‘DB_ DATABASE’, ‘forge’),

‘username’ =&> env(‘DB_ USERNAME’, ‘forge’),

‘password’ =&> env(‘DB_ PASSWORD’, ”),

‘charset’ =&> ‘utf8’,

‘collation’ =&> ‘utf8_ unicode_ ci’,

‘prefix’ =&> ‘pty_ ‘,

‘strict’ =&> false,

‘engine’ =&> null,


Modify the corresponding database configuration

5. There is no problem when logging in to the background administrator, but an error is reported when logging in to the added administrator

This problem is a cache problem. Modify the config/ cache.php File, put ‘default’ = &> env (‘cache ‘)_ Driver ‘,’File’), change to

‘default’ =&> env(‘CACHE_ DRIVER’, ‘array’),

This is because this error occurred when adding roles using the zizaco/enter permission package.

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