ZenCart easy popular CSV plug-in, ZenCart plug-in, ZenCart tutorial

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Batch import and upload of easy popular CSV plug-in products

this is a big update version, because it hasn’t been updated for some time

– added meta tag support for products

– doesn’t use Langer’s proprietary file; now uses native PHP CSV support

– if you’re using a Mac. There is one line you need to uncomment near the top of the main

easypopulate.php The file is in the admin directory

Add support for custom product table. This will allow you to add fields by yourself. You can see the configuration menu configuration – &> easy popular – &> custom fields

– added “download model/price/quantity/modification/status”.

1) Change the name of the “admin” directory in this package to suit your zencart installation

2) The temp folder is configured to reside in your store directory. If you store is not in the

site root (eg. /mystore/) then the temp directory must also go in this directory.

3) If you want to re-name the uploads (temp) folder, ensure that you configure Easy Populate to

reflect this change after installation

4) Upload all files in their respective directories.

5) Go to Admin -&> Tools -&> Easy Populate. If prompted to install Easy Populate, click on the

link provided. Otherwise, type in your browser address bar ?langer=install after/easypopulate.php

(eg. YOUR_ ADMIN/ easypopulate.php?langer=install ). If you wish to remove and re-install the default

config settings, type ?langer=remove after/easypopulate.php

(eg. YOUR_ ADMIN/ easypopulate.php?langer=remove ) and begin this step again.

6) Go to Admin -&> Configuration -&> Easy Populate, and configure the upload directory if you have

changed it from default. Also, ensure that the correct date format is set for your upload files.

7) If you have an Apple/MAC, then uncomment the line in the “configuration variables” section in the easypopulate.php

file that is in the admin folder.

ZenCart easy popular CSV plug-in, ZenCart plug-in, ZenCart tutorial

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