Solutions to axis RP extension for chrome problems

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I’ve seen a lot of solutions and tried a lot of them. Some of them can be used a little, some can only be used once. Finally, they succeeded. Let’s sum up here

1、 First of all, Download axis RP extension for chrome. Many people download it in CTX format, then drag it in to install it. After using it once, it crashes. The main reason is that the installation method is not right. Generally, you need to modify the CTX format to rar decompression format, extract it into a folder, and then install the folder. Permanently valid, the following operation screenshot

Download address: axis RP extension for chrome.rar, CTX format has been converted to rar’s own official website to download, just change CTX format to rar decompressible

Link: Extraction code: hk77

1. After downloading, unzip it into a folder

2. Open Chrome browser, set — more tools — extension program — load the unzipped extension program, select the unzipped folder and confirm

3. Click Details

4. Open access to the web site

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