[Solved] Error: Not a genuine ST Device! Abort connection

In other words, the chip of ST company is detected and the connection fails, but it does burn the program for you (although it seems that you need to restart manually), so you can ignore this problem, but this error is a little annoying. Refer to the following steps to remove it.


The model of single chip microcomputer is ch32f103c8t6 (not official)
ide: keil 5.35


The installation path to the relevant pack, such as

E:\fold\arm pack\Keil\STM32F1xx_DFP\2.3.0

Open keil.stm32f1xx_Dfp.pdsc, open with Notepad, can be backed up first
Ctrl + F search not a genius
in the block block, add// comments before the two related sentences.

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