STM32 Keil Create Project Error: “Loading PDSC Debug Description Failed for STMicroelectronics STM32Lxxxxxxx”

When using stm32l0xx series and stm32l4xx series microcontrollers, the problem of opening the Keil engineering report “loading PDSC debug description failed for STMicroelectronics stm32lxxxxxxx” is encountered. The specific phenomena and solutions are shown in the figure and text below:

Find the file path prompted by keil’s build output window, and find keil.stm32lxxx_dfp.pdsc, remove its read-only attribute, and open keil.stm32lxxx_dfp.pdsc file, search message, delete the line “message (2,” not a genuine st device! Abort connection. “);”, save the file, restore the file properties, and finish

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