tar:Error is not recoverable:exiting now [How to Solve]

Problem Description: file packets are transmitted between different networks and media, resulting in file damage. How to use MD5 to compare the integrity of files

tar:Child returned status 1

tar:Error is not recoverable:exiting now

1. Error in decompressing the file: this file is downloaded from Baidu cloud, then transmitted to the intranet machine with intranet USB flash disk, and compressed and installed on the server. Decompressing the file has failed

2. The technical support provided the MD5 value of the source file. Compared with my file, it was found that it was inconsistent

[root@localhost] # md5sum dbscale-web-install.tar.gz

md5sum +file name get a value of md5

3. Finally, it is found that the transmission of Intranet USB flash disk has damaged the media. The media on the local computer is compared with the MD5 value provided by the technical support, which is consistent. Finally, it can be decompressed successfully

Verification of MD5 value on Windows

CertUtil -hashfile C:\xxx.tar MD5

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