How to Solve Apple Mac installs Axure to open error for the first time

Axure RP 9 Chinese version for Mac cracked version (interactive product prototype design tool)

An error is reported when installing Axure on Apple Mac for the first time, as shown in the figure

I tried to uninstall and reinstall. Axure9 can’t be replaced with axure8. What should I do? Here is the solutions. Let’s have a look!

  1. Select the menu bar and go-personallyclick to enter

  1. Go to the home directory, shortcut key shiftcommand+ to >open hidden files, then find the file in this directory  .config, right-clickShow Introduction

  1. Add your currently logged-in account in Sharing and Permissions at the bottom

Verify whether it is added: Double-click the .config test after adding it. If it can be opened, the addition is successful. Note that read and write should be selected for the permissions on the right. Until you can open the config folder

  1. After opening, you will find that there is a configstore folder in it. You can’t open it by double-clicking. The steps to change the permissions are the same as before.

  1. After the configstore folder is opened, then open the Axure software

OK, it’s done

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