Windows Server 2012 installation sqlserver 2008 error counter check error

Today, the unit needed to install a database, but it took a long time to do it well. Counter performance check error is reported.

I searched on the Internet and said that I modified the last couter and last help, and the results were in accordance with this method.

After searching for last counter and last helper for more than an hour, they still couldn’t.

I came across an idea and used Bing to search in English. As a result, I found a good method.

setup.exe /ACTION=install /SKIPRULES=PerfMonCounterNotCorruptedCheck

  When installing directly, just do not check the performance of the counter.


Bingo, so he happily took one step, the next step.


I feel that in the whole process, I still have to change my thinking. The main reason is that many search results in Baidu have problems, and most posts are copied and pasted.


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